Aalto University

Aalto University has own private 5G/6G mobile network with frequency license for N78 (3640-3700MHz) and N77 (4100-4200MHz) as well as mMwave. Currently completing the installation of 11 mwWave base stations to become one of the largest deployments available for research and test platform. Beside commercial base stations, Aalto site includes cutting edge RAN technologies such as O-RAN, RIC, Backscatter devices as well as core networking technologies such as network slicing, 5G LAN, Time Sensitive Networking, Roaming, Edge Computing (MEC) and eSIM support coming soon.

More information:

Jose Costa
Aalto University
jose.costa (at) aalto.fi
+358 50 5770142

Image of current physical test network architecture at Aalto University
Current physical test network architecture at Aalto University.
Image of Aalto roaming infrastructure.
Aalto roaming infrastructure.
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