The common core of the 6GTNF project portfolio is a platform project focusing B5G and 6G radio access, radio and core network, sensing and positioning research, and development and integration of test network. In addition, the ecosystem has several projects focusing on various connectivity concepts and technologies, vertical specific technology and solution R&D and implementation of trials. Vertical projects specify key communications requirements of different verticals, which guide the content of B5G and 6G research and test platform development. Key goal is to create technologies and develop platform, which supports execution of vertical trials.

Hexa-X II

– European level 6G Flagship project

Hexa-X-II will address implementation aspects of the 6G platform and encompass a full scope consisting of 1) Defining use cases, services, and requirements, ensuring the value for society, 2) Designing the platform and system, ensuring global impact on 6G development and 3) Assuring technology readiness in critical areas, ensuring EU strategic autonomy.

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– 6G eXperimental Research infrastructure to enable next-generation XR services

6G-XR main objective is to strengthen the European leadership in 6G technologies by enabling next-generation Extended Reality (XR) services and infrastructures that will provide beyond-state-of-the-art capabilities towards the 6G era.

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– Pan-European 6G Federated Infrastructure Flagship Project

SUNRISE-6G provides a scalable, open and standards-compliant approach to experimentation and vertical application deployment in a pan-European Federation of 6G infrastructures, that provides access to a comprehensive library of 6G enablers.

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– Energy-Efficient Radio Systems at 100GHz and beyond: Antennas, Transceivers and Waveforms

The aim of the project is to develop a unique energy efficient integrated antenna hardware platform which is capable of adaptive waveform generation in spatial, temporal, and frequency domains to be used inB5G wireless communication infrastructure at 100GHz band to enable ~100Gbps data connectivity.

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– Ultra Scalable Wireless Access

The project researches how to best utilize recent ETSI DECT-2020 new radio (NR) standard and related first products in various industrial use cases and what kind of enhancements are beneficial in DECT-2020 evolution towards 6G systems.

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– Enabling Metaverse

EMETA will improve understanding about the practical Metaverse ICT requirements, develop 5G Evolution/Advanced based communication and computing, real-time multi-user 3D Digital Twin, AR/VR/XR and blockchain technologies and solutions for Metaverse key features and finally implement test environments and PoCs.

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– Energy awareness as an integrated part of communication networks.

Eware-6G is co-innovation project focusing on several parts of the end-to-end path of the data communication between data centers and applications, including mobile radio access network, applications and devices, as well as efficient use of edge processing and renewable energy sources. Whereas the existing solutions has been focusing on certain areas such as applications or radio networks, Eware-6G solution will look the whole end-to-end data path to have more holistic view on the energy consumption.

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– 5th Generation connected and automated mobility cross-border EU trials

5G-PPP Phase 3 project aim is to validate through robust evidence the latest 5G features and 3GPP specifications (R.16 & R.17) of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) under realistic conditions. In particular, it will conduct advanced large-scale field trials of most representative CAM applications to demonstrate seamless functionality across a prominent 5G cross-border corridor (Via Baltica-North), traversing Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

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– 6g-data-driven-distributed-cloud-and-communication-system

The project research, develop and validate key technologies to integrate and enable joint communication and computation system, focusing on 6G solutions for enterprise and vertical industries, the project works on next-generation radio access networks and investigates the architecture, cloud-based design, air interface enablement, and AI/ML methods to reshape and transform the radio access network into a distributed cloud and communication platform, in which cloud-based applications and radio network components can share cloud computing resources and be jointly provisioned to meet demanding service requirements.

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– ICT for Resilient Green Electrification

Project main goal is to implement, test and validate real smart grid use cases utilizing among other 5G technologies.

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– Experimental 6G research environment

FUWIRI develops new national environment for research, innovation and collaboration will have far-reaching implications for both basic research and business.

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– A multi-hub Test and Experimentation Facility for edge AI hardware

The PREVAIL project will establish and start operating the core of a networked, multi-hub platform providing prototype chip fabrication capability in advanced technology to EU stakeholders for Artificial Intelligence applications.

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