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6GTNF Architecture is based on the 5GTN project. VTT 5G Test Network is located in VTT Espoo and VTT Oulu sites. Between those sites, there is a dedicated 10Gb MPLS technology based connection, “valopolku”, hosted by FUNET. Sodankylä provides vehicle winter testing track for combined intelligent traffic and road weather services development and testing. VTT also provides professional services to support tailoring test environments for the customer needs.

The key features of 6GTNF VTT facilitate versatile deployment and trialing of vertical industry use cases of varying scale. The provided combination of commercial carrier grade and open-source network 4G, 5G SA and beyond components enable the test setup to be built with either maximum flexibility or performance in mind. VTT network serves as an independent operator providing also SIM-cars to be used. VTT is developing and expanding test network for demonstrations and PoCs of 5G Advanced early 6G technology and advanced services, performance measurements, HW and SW product testing, compatibility and interoperability tests including technologies like 5G NR FR2, O-RAN RIC, DLaaS, QKD and MEC ML/AI FPGA accelerated platforms and services connected to test network.

Visualisation of VTT's test network architecture.
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5G SA + NSA, LTE equipment from Nokia

  • Mainly using Open5GS as core

Different operating environments

  • Outdoor including mmW, dense indoor office, underground tunnel, lab environment


  • Indoor: B1 (10 MHz), B3 (5 MHz), B7 (10 MHz), n78 (60 MHz)
  • Outdoor: B1 (4.8 MHz), n78 (60 MHz), n258 (400 MHz, shared with Aalto)
  • Applying for n77 (100 MHz)

Nokia BBU


AccelleRAN ORAN technology with outdoor and indoor cells on 5G SA band n77

More information:

Sami Ruponen
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
sami.ruponen (at) vtt.fi
+358 40 3567660


5G NR and 4G LTE RAN solutions from Nokia:

  • Oulu Outdoor: 5G mMIMO (n78 / 60 MHz, n7 / 10 MHz, n77 / 2x100MHz), 4G (B3 / 5 MHz), 4G (CIoT, B28 / 3 MHz, B31 / 5 MHz), 4G MiniMacros, 5G mmWave (n258 / 800 MHz)
  • Oulu Indoor: 4G small cells (B1 / 10 MHz, B3 / 5 MHz, B7 / 10 MHz), 5G small cells (n78 / 60 MHz)
  • cMG + cMM + eMBMS + HSS

O-RAN solutions:

  • AccelleRAN technology with outdoor and indoor cells on 5G SA band n77
  • srsRan open-source environment for indoor with SDR units

SDR solutions:

  • Multiple Ettus USRP SDR devices
  • Keysight SDR v.4 RF Unit 4 Layer 6 GHz 100 MHz BW, LTE RF Unit 1 Cell (2×2 MIMO), SDRv3

MEC AI/ML solutions:

  • High performance Dell multiprocessor with Nvidia AI accelerators

More information:

Jukka Mäkelä
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
jukka.makela (at) vtt.fi
+358 40 0245504


Site infra is owned by Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI and operated by VTT.

RAN located at Sodankylä airfield.

Nokia equipment:

  • AirScale baseband subrack (AMIA) with 4G and 5G units: ASIA, 2xABIA, ASIK and 2xABIL
  • Radios: LTE B3 band (AREA), LTE B40 band (FZNI) and 5G n78 band (2xAZQJ in different masts, ”North” and ”South”)
  • Core network of VTT Oulu used remotely via FUNET fiber connection


Test site at Sodankylä area.

More information:

Timo Sukuvaara
Finnish Meteorological Institute
timo.sukuvaara (at) fmi.fi
+358 40 5294977

Jukka Mäkelä
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
jukka.makela (at) vtt.fi
+358 40 0245504

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