General goal of 6G Test Network Finland (6GTNF) is to fill the gap between laboratory-based B5G and 6G testing environments and commercial network deployments, offer trialing support and tailored infrastructure configurations for telecom and vertical industries and scientific community and strengthen Finnish ecosystem position in B5G and 6G R&D. 6GTNF is a joint effort from industry and academia.

The 6GTNF approach is based on the strong regeneration focus and interdisciplinary competencies. The focus is on B5G and 6G radio access, radio and core network, sensing and positioning concepts and technologies, development towards smart networks and vertical use case implementations. Interdisciplinary approach is achieved by co-operation between telecom and vertical area technology and business experts and utilization of AI.

6GTNF objectives:

  • Development of test environment which allows rapid evaluation of 5G evolution, B5G, and 6G service concepts, technologies, system solutions and business models, at a level that minimizes risks related to introduction of commercial services and products.
  • Reusability and evolvability of the test environments over the lifetime of the national and European programs (BF 6GBridge & 6G, Horizon Europe/SNS, Digital Europe TEF, 6G Flagship, …) and 5G/6G standardization (3GPP, ORAN, IETF, ETSI, IEEE, …)
  • Accessibility, and openness, and optimization of previous and related investments in Finland, friendliness to disruptions and support to E2E demonstrations.
  • Validation of core technologies and architectures in the context of specific vertical use-case implementations and relevant deployment scenarios. Use cases should be tested and validated across a multiplicity of industrial sectors and including also innovative 6G applications.
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